Sunday, June 21, 2015

Interested in learning thread crochet? Here are some valuable tips!

My first thread crochet project was a doily.  I love the delicateness of thread and how it brings a femininity to the area that the doily or thread project graces.  Doilies and table scarves are also done in a technique known as filet crochet.   A filet crochet pattern is read off of a chart and there are special instructions when following filet crochet patterns.  Filet crochet is a more advance thread crochet technique.

However, thread crochet has become more than just doilies and dresser scarves.  Thread is so much more than decorating tables, or nightstands.   Today thread is used to make wearables like scarves, tops, dresses and even shrugs. 

Thread crochet is a little different than crocheting with yarn, because the fiber and the hook are significantly smaller. Here are some tips for a successful and easier thread crochet experience.

1.) The crochet hooks are much smaller and the numbering system is different.  Remember, the smaller the number the bigger the hook size.  For example size 1 is big and size 14 is very small.

2.) Thread crochet requires that your tension is held firmly.  I had the most trouble with this concept, my stitches were never uniform.  Until someone told me something so simple..  When you are wrapping your thread through your fingers wrap you thread around your "Pinky" or little finger twice.  Remember, don't crochet so tightly that it hurts your hands.

3.) Steel crochet hooks are very small.  I had trouble with this because my fingers would always hurt.  So, I suggest finding thread crochet hooks with a bigger handle.   Clover makes the Armour brand and they have a nice comfortable handle.

4.) Thread has smaller stitches and therefore you will need to crochet in a well lit room.   Also, wearing your prescription glasses might be extremely helpful.

5.) As a beginner, I suggest using a lighter color thread which is easier to see.   Dark colored thread makes it harder to see the stitches.

6.) Thread comes in different sizes.  Sizes can range from 10 to 80.   Remember the rule about the crochet hooks?  It is the same for thread.  The smaller the number the bigger the thread, the larger the number the smaller the thread.

7.) Beginners should choose easy projects like doilies or coasters, until they have mastered the technique of crocheting with thread and a smaller hook.

Below are some easy thread crochet patterns.
Hearts Desire Doily
Pampering Gift Set

Easy Crochet Doily Pattern #2
Easy Crochet Doily Pattern 

This is only a small sampling of the crochet thread projects you will find online.  Usually, patterns indicate level of difficulty (easy, intermediate, advance).  Always take into account your level of expertise when trying new patterns. 

Happy Crocheting,
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