Friday, June 12, 2015

Tapered or Inline Crochet Hooks

The type of crochet hooks people use is often a choice of personal preference.  So, how do you know which one you will prefer?

Most often it is just trying out a hook until you find the one that is the most comfortable fit. 

Inline crochet hooks are especially good for those who are just learning to crochet.  The shaft and neck of an inline crochet hook has a consistent width, unlike the tapered hook which becomes smaller in the neck area.  This can cause the yarn loop to become smaller as it is pulled up the neck of the hook, making the stitches worked into the next row more challenging.  This can be frustrating to a beginning student and lend to a less enjoyable crochet experience.

Inline crochet hooks are a good choice for beginning crochet student.  Beginning crochet students have a tendency to have a tight grip which leads to their tension being tight.  Using an inline crochet hook makes it easier for crochet students to keep their crochet loops a consistent size.

Once you get past the beginning stage you can try other crochet hooks.  Sometimes it is necessary to change your hook style due to the yarn width or fiber that is being used. 

Everyone has their own crochet style. The best way to find out which hooks will work best for you is to take the time to try different brands of crochet hooks with different types of yarns.

Examples of Inline Crochet Hooks:
  • Susan Bates
  • Most bamboo crochet hooks
Examples of Tapered Crochet Hooks:
  • Boye
  • Clover/Armour
There are an abundance of different crochet hooks available.  There are many different brands and some beautiful handmade crochet hooks.  Your will likely find your favorite somewhere on your fabulous crochet journey.

Happy Crocheting,
The Crochet Network

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